Yuma woman disappears on her way to job interview

YUMA, Ariz. –  Mother of three, Veronica Rodriguez Soto, said she was off to start a new job in San Luis, Arizona on Sunday, January 18. “She arrived about 3 something and she got dressed black pants, white blouse, she combed her hair, she maked up her face, she was like you know I’m gonna work there, and I’ll be out around midnight,” said her husband Jose Martin Rodriguez.

Jose says Veronica seemed worried, but gave him and her baby her usual kiss goodbye and left. “She was scared because of the job or because she was gonna get off about midnight driving by herself. She just kissed me on the cheek, and she kissed my daughter and she was like okay i’ll see you. And that’s it, that was the last time I saw her,” said Jose.

Desperate for answers, Veronica’s family hired private investigator Ian Harrison. Harrison says after talking to the family he doesn’t believe Veronica would abandon her children for long. “And she’s not the type of person that would drive off without making any type of contact for an extended period of time. It’s possible she could have done it for a week. But not a month,” said Harrison with Kamei Investigations.

Veronica’s mother says they were always in communication and that her sudden disappearance is unusual. Veronica’s mother Martha Soto said she would call her to say, “Mom I’m okay, or I used to call her every week, are you guys fine? Yes mom we are fine, and that’s it,” said Soto.

Her father Frank Rodriguez, is in contact with local and Mexican law enforcement. But he’s taken to the streets himself…searching for any sign of his daughter. The distinct gold 1996 Ford Taurus station wagon with a Washington license plate is still missing.

Deputies with the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office believe Veronica might be with friends out of state…but enhanced searches have come up dry. Alfonso Zavala, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office said, “All the leads that we were receiving the family has given us, us asking assistance through other states, we’ve come up dry now we’re asking the community to give us a hand here.”

If you have information regarding Veronica Rodriguez’s disappearance or her car contact Yuma County Sheriff’s Office or Kamei Investigations. Her father said, “Please call me, mija, we are very worried about you. believe me, we are going through very bad things. so please if somebody see my daughter please contact with us right away.”

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