Yuma Veterans facility ribbon cutting ceremony in honor of Veterans Day

Yuma Veterans facility ribbon cutting ceremony in honor of Veterans Day

YUMA, Ariz- A new $12.9 million assisted living center is now open for Yuma-area veterans. This evening they hosted an open house and in honor of Veterans Day they held tours and a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Deric Mills, Marketing Director; Veterans Assisted Living said, “We can provide them with a more affordable option for their assisted living to help them out with their activities and medication management and things like that.”

This marks the only assisted living facility in the state exclusively for veterans and families, making Yuma the only private-sector veteran-exclusive assisted living that houses more than a dozen of people in the nation.

Doug Lancaster who’s a U.S. Army Veteran said, “Many of these older veterans like my father you know they’re struggling to make ends meet and you know as they age their health care needs are elevated and so I think this is a wonderful opportunity for veterans like him.”

Jess Lancaster is a Navy veteran who plans on staying at the new facility but says he’s still waiting for his approval. Lancaster mentions further down the road he’d like to see more veterans receive the proper care.

Lancaster, “I’d like to see it grow and let the veterans get the help that they really need. Financially mainly.”

Back in 2014, the Phoenix IDA issued $12.9 million in bonds to family housing resources. They were able to convert a former hotel in Yuma, into an assisted living center on 4th Ave.

The building is a 3-story, 83,000 square-foot facility with 151-units, it will serve 220 veterans and their spouses with daily living assistance needs.


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