Yuma Union High School District Freshmen explore career paths

YUMA, Ariz. – Over one-thousand students roamed the Arizona Western College campus in search of inspiration. Booths gave a glimpse of what it takes for 17 different careers. A wide range from automotive and welding to fire fighting and police work had some hands on fun. Those who already had an idea of what they want to pursue had the chance to confirm their hunch.

Kofa High Freshman Alexis Talavera said, “I saw a little bit of construction and welding. and that was actually it wasn’t that hard. They say it pays really well, so I decided, I might do that. might. There’s still a lot of options.” While others tried something unusual that convinced them further, well that it’s just not for them. “I just did it for the fun of it, but I don’t see it as my future career,” said Kofa High Freshman Casandra Corona.

The career expo comes at a time when the Joint Technical Education District is gearing up. So this helps students choose a trade they might wish to pursue with JTED. “So it’s important to have this kind of an event, an informational event, so that the Freshmen are aware of what is offered when they can enter the program as Sophomores,” said JTED  board member Nicole Griffin.

Presentations were held not just by industry experts but by other students themselves. YUHSD Superintendent Toni Badone said, “Peers talking to peers is the strongest motivational force for our students so they’re hearing what it’s really like in the classroom from their peers.”

Caroline Valdez who now studies automotive engineering at Arizona Western College says there aren’t many women in her field and hope to inspire other girls at the event.

“I was in the same position that they’re in that’s where I was at so I encourage them to come and do the program. It’s really fun,” said Valdez. So the options are there, now it’s up to the freshman to choose.

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