Yuma man sentenced after assaulting motorcyclist

Yuma man sentenced after assaulting motorcyclist

A motorcyclist and his passenger were assaulted by angry motorist at a Yuma intersection back in July, now three months later, he is being sentenced. 51-year-old Lee Schimenos has been sentenced to jail time, probation and alcohol counseling after agreeing not to contest a DUI charge filed against him in Yuma Municipal Court.

Cody Munoz, the motorcyclist involved said, “I could hear him yelling at me so I turned around and kind of looked at him asked ‘what’s your problem?’, that’s when he got out of his car.”

Munoz’s girlfriend Luisa Loy said, “Cody lifted up his visor and said do you have a problem, then he punched him in the face without saying anything, like saying here’s a sucker punch to the face.”

Munoz said people thought after watching the video his girlfriend Loy instigated the fight but seconds after he got off the bike, Schismenos was already pushing her.

Munoz said, “Loy was standing in between us, then he went for the sucker punch hit me right in the helmet.”

Loy said it took a couple minutes for people to realize what was happening and get out of their car.

Munoz said, “I’m glad the video is out there, so old and new riders know how quickly a bit of road rage can get out of hand.”

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