Yuma Goodwill hosts job panel discussion

YUMA, Ariz. – Applicants attended a goodwill panel discussion to ask employers any questions they had about their job search. Veronica Salazar has been searching for an MRI tech position and came to the panel for help. “I learned that i need to volunteer so that the gaps that I wasn’t working they’ll see that I was trying to do something to learn and have experience doing what I went to school for,” said Salazar.

The panel listened in to salazar and others to give advice from their personal hiring experiences — bring both worlds together. Currently, the typical job hunt floats on the internet. “Today’s world of technology, everything is online. When a job seeker applies online there is no communication. So we’re trying to bridge that gap a little bit,” said Goodwill job panel coordinator Rebecca Drabent.

Job seekers had a chance to hear straight from recruiters how they can stand out when applying.  So here’s some tips from the experts — to try and match your resume to a job description, and consider internships or on-the-job training.

Human Resources Director with Yuma County, Felicia Frausto, said, “We were able to hopefully answer questions on what’s the best way that they would be able to apply for a job, what’s important for them to look for in a career. As well as what they need to complete for an application as how they communicate and follow up with the employer.”

The panel discussion comes back every quarter. If you missed this one, call the Goodwill Job Center to confirm the date for the next meeting in June.

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