Yuma County ranked 2nd healthiest in the state

YUMA, Ariz. – Yuma County is ranked the state’s second healthiest county right behind Maricopa.

Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Machelle Headington with Yuma Regional Medical Center says fairs for health care insurance enrollment, is part of the reason for the increased ranking, which is up from third in the state last year. This means more people are able to get basic screening and are better able to manage problems that they normally wouldn’t have known about.

Headington said, “We’ve had about 15 of the top health leaders in the community around the table as we start planning with the next three years and how we can work collaboratively to help the community.”

One thing YRMC would like to work on is unique and innovative ways to prove how healthy the people are in the county.

“Moving forward we want to be number one, we want to be the healthiest county. The area we really need to work on right now is a platform or availability for us to share all the things that we’re doing,” Headington said.

She believes multiple outlets providing different levels of care is one reason why Yuma County ranks so high in the state.

Headington adds, “That’s been something that we’ve been focused on in the community is how to teach people to take care of themselves and how do you make those resources in terms of sharing information as easy as possible.” 

Maricopa County came in at number one on the  list and right behind Yuma County was Pinal County coming in at third.

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