Yuma County avoids voter issues in contrast to state

Yuma County avoids voter issues in contrast to state

YUMA, Ariz.-

Voters across Arizona reported waiting up to four hours in line for this year’s Presidential Preference Election.

“I’m not waiting. It’s ridiculous,”said one voter.

Closer to home, Yuma County officials say it was a different story.

“I think 10 to 15 minutes was the tops of any kind of a wait,” Yuma County Marketing Director Kevin Tunnel.
Other voters in the state said they were turned away from the polls. Since in this election only registered Democrats, Republicans or Green Party members could vote.

There were claims independents who changed their affiliation were also turned away and that their change didn’t go through.

While no formal complaints like these were filed in Yuma County at this time.  One voter we spoke became frustrated with the process.

“They didn’t want my current address, they wanted the address that was on my voter registration,” Yuma resident Michael Monroe said.

Monroe says he didn’t update his voter registration card since he moved, that can be done online.

“It’s really frustrating, I voted before and it was much easier. This time I thought I had everything that I needed. But I just wasn’t able to vote,” said Monroe.

Now Monroe says he has updated his address online for the general election so his voice can be heard.

“I just think it’s really important to vote,” said Monroe.

Yuma County officials urge voters to log on to their site to make sure they’re prepared in advance.

“It’s very important that they change their voter registration to match because it’s our hope that when they show up they have a really smooth time,” said Tunnel.

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