Yuma city council discusses tax increase

YUMA, Ariz. – The City council discussed the possibility of a sales tax increase in Yuma.

At Tuesdays work session some members of the council spoke about the proposition saying the Yuma community should decide if there should be a tax increase or not. If the council votes to put the measure on the ballot in November, the community will be able to do just that.

The proposed tax increase would bump sales tax to 0.3 percent. Yuma Mayor, Doug Nicholls. says that is equivalent to more than $5 million.

“It looks like the estimates right now are about $6 million a year,” says Nicholls.

The estimated six million would only go toward public safety and Yuma roads.

“Helping rectify the salary issues we’ve had with our public safety personnel and also put some dramatically needed funds into our roadway system to help bring up the pavement quality and maintain maintenance of our roadway systems,” says Nicholls.

If approved by the council on Wednesday, the proposition will be put to a vote in November. The council says they want Yuma residents to decide for themselves if they think there should be a sales tax increase.

“I really see a desire in the council isn’t really a sales tax increase but the option to the voters for their decision on whether there should be a sales tax increase.”

Yuma residents say they would not mind a tax increase if it means improved roads and safety.

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