Yuma 10-year-old Make a Wish Kid gets his wish

A 10-year-old Make a Wish kid got his wish granted Friday. Christian has congenital heart problems that cause life threatening issues. His one true wish is to have an atv to ride out on the dunes with his family.
Christian is happy that he got a Razor.
It only took them 2 and 1/2 months to grant Christian’s wish.

Matias Rosales, Make a Wish granter says, “Liberty Motorsports was one of the local businesses that contributed to helping this wish happen, so we are very thankful to them.”
Make a Wish Arizona’s mission is to enrich the life of children dealing with life threatening conditions.

Uriel Meza, Make a Wish granter
“Some of the kids they have to go through life in a different way than others, we made his wish happen and that’s all I ask for.”

Christian looks forward to taking his new razor out on the dunes this summer.

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