YUHSD launches “Ready Now Yuma App” for students

YUHSD launches “Ready Now Yuma App” for students

YUMA, Az- The Ready Now Yuma App, developed with the support of Helios Education Foundation is a comprehensive tool that provides students with grade appropriate to-do lists, tips, resources, and ways to share their success.

Director of Community Engagement and Communication at YUHSD, Matt Buckley said, “Really focused on giving students a tool that they can use right there on their phone to help with college planning. So we have to-do list’s, tips, resources for every grade level that’s set to every grade level. And for their senior year there’s even a place where they can share where they’ve got accepted to college.”

The app also helps build a college going vocabulary by giving students who may be the first ones in their family going to college everything they need to know.

Buckley adds, “A lot of families who’ve never gone through this process before it’s a very eye opening process, and there’s a lot of things you have to take care of. So we’re really hoping the app kind’ve levels that playing feild and hope that we give students that opportunity to know what they need to do to go to college and to plan.”

The Ready Now Yuma App is being supported by a poster campaign, across all district schools. The posters are a countdown to when they graduate. Within the next week, hall posters will also be hung throughout all YUHSD campuses.

Buckley said, “Every classroom will have a poster similar to what you see here posted in the classroom. We’re going to send tips out to the classroom to teachers every month in terms of what they can be sharing in the classroom in terms of what to do’s or do. Because every month has different to do’s that students should be working on.”

The app is available for download today. It’s free and available for download in the Apple app store and the Google play store.



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