YPD identifies man killed earlier this week

YPD identifies man killed earlier this week

YUMA, Az- The life of a young man named Alan Cruz Palafox was taken away Monday night when multiple gun shots targeted him. One hit him directly in the chest.

YPD arrived at the shooting that took place on 16th avenue near 5th street. Close friends of Alan say they were shocked when they heard the news.

Melissa Meza, a close friend said, “I went crazy…I still cant believe he’s gone. Out of all the people in the world…Alan.”

There are some questions that are still unanswered. And close friends can’t wrap their minds around why someone had to take his life.

Lulu Siqueiros said, “I don’t know why. It was random I mean why him.”

Meza adds, “He was a positive person no matter what he was going through he wouldn’t show it. He would always make everyone around him laugh and if he was really close to you he would always be there to protect you no matter what you were going through.”

Friends closest to Alan say no matter what he wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye and that he loved them and would always be there for them through thick and thin.

Meza said, “What I remember about Alan is that he was always there for me always. I remember one time I was going through a tough time and he ran over to my house from his without shoes. He was really worried.”

Lulu says, Alan called her while she was at school a day before the shooting. She says she remembers and is glad she was able to tell him the three most important words.

Siqueiros said, “He told me want me to call you back and I said yeah sure and then he’s like alright well I’ll get out in about an hour or so and he’s like ok well I love you and I said I love you too.” And that was the end of it? “Yeah that was it.”

It’s still unknown on who fired the guns shots directly at Palafox’s chest. Meza says she doesn’t understand why someone would take an innocent life and his love is irreplaceable.

Meza adds, “To know that he’s gone just hurts because no one can replace the connection that we had.”


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