Young immigrant mother, toddler drowned in Yuma canal

YUMA, Ariz. – Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents found a young immigrant mother and her two-year-old son who drowned in a Colorado River canal last Friday. Fidel Cabrera with Border Patrol says although this is not an unusual case for the border town, it doesn’t make it any less tragic. “It does happen from time to time and it is very difficult for the agents involved and obviously the families of the victims,” said Cabrera.

It happened near County 11 1/2 Street in the Salinity Canal. Yuma County Sheriffs confirmed through documents found on the 25-year-old, the immigrants were from Guatemala.  “Border patrol agents found two pairs of tracks leading to the Colorado River with no exit point. That’s when they decided to canvass the area completely in search of the owners of the footprints,” said Cabrera.

Rural Metro then tried to revive the two with C.P.R., but the mother and son were taken to the Yuma Regional Medical Center where they were pronounced dead. Cabrera says there are many factors why a person could die in the canal. Water levels might fluctuate and become deeper than expects, or swimming long-distance could lead to exhaustion. It is not yet known how these two in particular made it across the U.S./Mexico border and ended up in the canal. Y.C.S.O. is still investigating the case.

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