Witnesses say video shows car driving through a crowd in Yuma

YUMA, Ariz. – Screams can be heard in a video which shows the moment a car ploughs through a crowd of people. According to a witness on Facebook, the video was taken early on Saturday morning during a fight at a bonfire where the Colorado and Gila Rivers meet.

Witnesses say the driver of the car was 20-year-old Ryan Alexander Albright. They say Albright and 19-year-old Cory Alexander Troy had just been involved in a fight that ended at the car.

Mo Merrick says she was at the gathering when Troy and Albright arrived with another group of people around 3 a.m.

“I had heard that they had come looking for trouble,” said Merrick.

Another witness who wanted to remain anonymous says they were with the group of people that arrived with Troy and Albright. They say Troy was looking for a fight and confronted another person that was at the gathering.

“He just straight rushed him from the back of the head,” said Merrick, “It basically broke out into an all-out brawl in the river; and then from there people were pulling people to get of the brawl.”

Details are hazy but Merrick says Troy and Albright ran back to the car. Another witness says the group tried to leave but the fighting continued with Troy and Albright being attacked, they say someone jumped into the car and started hitting Troy on the passenger side, the same happened to Albright.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s office says, “Once the fight ended the suspects got into their vehicle and drove through a crowd of people hitting numerous victims, one was run over twice. In total six people were taken to the hospital.”

Katrina Flores says she was amongst the victims hit by the car.

“It was right there. I didn’t know the car was going to pull back,” said Flores.

Carmen Flores says she tried to stop the car when she saw her sister, Katrina Flores, being run over.
“I was telling him to stop and I was practically in front of the car…and he wouldn’t stop,” said Carmen Flores.

“After they hit people the first time, they had reversed and then hit people a second time, and then they almost went for a third time,” said Merrick.

In court, on Wednesday, Troy was released after the Judge Juan M. Guerrero stated the county attorney had not filed a formal complaint against him.

Albright was charged with aggravated assault and attempted second degree murder. A $75,000 security bond was set in his case.

Authorities ask that anyone with information contact the Yuma County Sheriff’s office or 78-CRIME.

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