Westmorland residents say no to landfill facility

Westmorland residents say no to landfill facility

WESTMORLAND, Calif. – Clean Harbors landfill officials are reaching out to the community hoping to convince them that they can co-exist.

Some Westmorland residents oppose the re-opening of the Clean Harbors landfill facility just five miles west of town.

They fear it will not be run safely and it will increase air contamination in the area.

“It’s not safely equipped like it was supposedly planned,” said Calipatria resident Frank Gracia.

“It worries me what contaminants we’re going to be exposed,” said Westmorland resident Onyx Bazurto.

But the Department of Toxic Substance Control says the landfill facility will be monitored closely and be safe to operate if they re-open.

“There’s always going to be something they have to follow and there’s a work plan in everything in place during the permit process that we have to review and make sure that they’re up to code,” said Elsa Lopez with the DTSC.

Clean Harbors opened in 1980 in the area, but has not been in operation for over 10 years. Officials have filed a permit request to start it up once again.

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