Wellton police asking for body cameras

WELLTON, Ariz. – Body cameras are becoming more prominent and useful in police departments but with state-wide budget cuts, cameras are difficult to afford. 

“Every agency across the nation is experiencing budget cuts and it’s getting harder and harder to get equipment,” says Sgt. David Rodriguez of the Wellton Police Department. 

Police are looking for new ideas to get body cameras and Rodriguez says he found a way to accomplish that.

“I came across this program that Wolfcom is promoting and you pretty much sign up to this program and different people; companies and private citizens can look your name up and donate to your department,” says Rodriguez.

The website is called bodycameradonations.com and it allows anyone to donate money to police departments that are registered. Rodriguez says Wellton Police are asking for six cameras for their six police officers.

“Even if we get one that would definitely help us,” says Rodriguez.

Body cameras cost between $300 – $1,000 not including the programs needed to run the camera. As of now officers have to buy their own cameras. Body cams would help police in every day situations Rodriguez says; from traffic stops to domestic violence.

“Capturing evidence at a crime scene or a domestic violence call. To be able to capture the emotional state of the victim right then and there as the crime is in progress it helps the prosecution as well as officer safety,” says Rodriguez.

If you would like to donate click here.

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