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A surge of moisture will give us a decent chance at thunderstorms this weekend as high pressure departs our area.

Humidity will be on the rise the next few days as temperatures fall across the desert southwest. The humidity will come from the south, tapping into gulf moisture. The question is now will it be high humidity or extremely high, and what becomes of it. The answer seems to be that there’s a good chance that it leads to thunderstorms some time during the weekend or start of next week. All we need is a trigger of some sort ie. an outflow. If we get sufficient outflows across the area, we could be looking at a particularly active few days, although it’s hard to pin down if or when these would happen. The pattern is favorable for more nighttime activity although daytime storms may be possible. The rain threat will diminish somewhat as we go through next week, although I’ve left a small chance of rain from Tuesday on.