‘Walk for a Dog’ app grows in Imperial County


EL CENTRO, Calif. – The Humane Society of Imperial County has partnered with a growing app, “Walk for a Dog!”

People including ‘Pokemon Go’ players can use the interactive app to walk their dogs and earn money for shelters and rescues nationwide.

The ‘Walk for a Dog’ app was created by a company called Wooftrax that was founded in 2013 and has been growing since. First step is downloading the app on your smartphone, there is a quick set-up process, then you enter the shelter or organization you want the money to go to. Next, you are ready to begin walking and start earning money.

Devon Apodaca, Executive Director at the Humane Society says, “The company through the donations that they get from advertising what they do is after people do their walking or their running, it’s recorded through the GPS/satellite and then what they do is depending on how many people and how far they’ve gone depends on what walk for a dog donates to you.”

Shelters and rescues will get a quarterly check from people using the app and the more frequently you use it the more you earn. The Humane Society in Imperial County has yet to get a check since the start of the app use.

Apodaca also says, “With the recent popularity of the ‘Pokemon Go’ app, 58 new users have popped up for the walk your dog app in Imperial County and they expect funding to come sometime in August.”

The humane society will also be asking the help of ‘Pokemon Go’ players. They will be holding an event on August 13th at 7 p.m. at the dog park in Imperial, California. For details on the event you can visit their Facebook page, Humane Society of Imperial County.

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