Voters lined up at presidential preference election

YUMA, Ariz- Thousands of people across Yuma took a trip to the polls to cast in their ballot on the Arizona Presidential Primary. Many people say our country is in terrible debt and only the smartest businessman can help us get out of it, Donald Trump.


One voter said, “One thing I’d like to see is, how much debt do they have? Are they debt free, do they believe in that or are they someone that has a lot of debt? Because if they’re personally then how are they going to know how to get our country out of debt.”



Uriah Christensen who’s a pro-Bernie Sanders supporter said, “We need Bernie, we need health-care and we need to make sure that our social programs and infrastructures are being taken care of.”



Diego Hinojoza voted for Ted Cruz and said, “He is successful in his own means but I don’t think he’ll be successful in the political field.”

There are more than 44,000 voters in Yuma that can cast in their ballots, however, anyone that’s an Independent or Libertarian cannot vote.

As of 3 p.m Tuesday afternoon more than 2,000 people have voted. Making that only 2.1.% of the voters.


Although, the numbers rapidly increased after 5 p.m. Yuman’s tell us what changes they’d like to see take place within our country.

One Yuma resident said, “I would like to see made is to put God back into our schools. To be able to have less of government and more freedom for the people.”

Yuman, Jackie Lee said, “Talk is cheap, expenses are high and we have to come to reality and establishing what this county is for the people.”

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