UPDATE: Man is dead after fight in San Luis

UPDATE: Man is dead after fight in San Luis

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – A man has been arrested in connection to the homicide that happened over the weekend.

Officers with the San Luis Police Department (SLPD) say Gabriel Ortega Cano is being charged with Homicide 2nd Degree for the death of Arturo Lira.

Officers received a call when Ortega Cano and Lira were fighting at the Rancho Los Oros residential area.

Lira was found dead inside a home on Los Montes Avenue near Los Corrales Street when police showed up according to officers.

Ortega Cano was also found inside the home with severe head injuries. Officers say he was flown to a Phoenix area hospital for medical attention.

Once released from the hospital Ortega Cano was taken into custody for a pending warrant out of the San Luis Municipal Court. Once in custody, officer say they interviewed Ortega Cano and later booked him into the Yuma County Detention Center for homicide.

Investigators are still trying to piece together what exactly happened Sunday.

Officers encourage anyone with information on this case to contact Detective Ernesto Prieto with the SLPD at (928) 341-2420.



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