The cold weather is affecting crops

YUMA,Ariz.- The Agriculture industry is a billion dollar industry in both Yuma and Imperial County. The drop in cold temperature this winter season has caused frost to ruin lettuce and slow down the growth in broccoli. We spoke to JV farms who say they have lost more than $800,000.00 just in the past few weeks  due to the cold temperatures.

Field workers wages are also being affected by the freezing temperatures by their hours being cut. We spoke with one supervisor on how he says the workers are handling the issue.

“With Romaine we have to water a little more and try to get the blisters out of the lettuce and what they loose is about 20 percent of the weight.” – Pablo Delgado, Manager of Field Workers JV Farms.

“What is affecting is the quality in harvesting because they have to peel a lot more of the lettuce and because of the make less per carton  per hour or per day and because of that they get a little less payment in there.” – Pablo Delgado, Manager of Field Workers JV Farms.


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