Tacna residents suffer from heat exhaustion after record breaking weekend

YUMA, Ariz. – In Tacna, many people lost their power due to the excessive heat over the weekend reaching up to 120 degrees.

One Tacna resident says her family got sick from the power outage due to the heat.

Tacna resident, Diana Castro, whose family was affected by the heat said, “It was extremely hot. My mom was sick, she got sick from it, the A/C wasn’t working, the kids were out in the pool. It was horrible.”

Castro said the conditions were like that for a couple of hours before things were able to get back to normal.

Roy Mann, who also suffered from the heat said, “Air conditioner cut off and TV cut off and then it was getting pretty hot and we tried to keep cool and hoping that it would come back on pretty quick.”

One Staff Physician at Yuma Regional Medical Center says some folks have even died due to the heat.

Physician John Carson said, “I’ve heard that several people in the community have died found in their houses with the temperature very high and their A/C turned off.”

Carson added to not underestimate the power of the heat during this time of year.

“It can be deadly. And one thing that we see here is that we see a variety of heat injuries. Not just heat stroke but we’ll see heat exhaustion, simple dehydration, so there’s a whole panorama of heat injuries,” Carson said.

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