Stolen packages in Brawley has resident worried

BRAWLEY, Calif. – A video posted on social media of somebody taking a package from the porch of a home reminds a Brawley resident of an experience she just lived through. “It’s really, really upsetting,” Maria said.

Maria said she often gets packages at her door of beauty products that she resells. “I was expecting to receive the merchandise and deliver right away in order for me to collect the money,” Maria said.

But that package never arrived. That’s because police said 40 year-old Julio Ruvalcaba allegedly took the box as it was delivered to Maria’s door.
“He happened to be outside in the parking lot and he claimed that he knew me, which I don’t know this person,” Maria said.

Police said Ruvalcaba had help from his sister Margarite Ruvalcaba who lives next door to Maria. “People don’t know what you are waiting for in the package, the value of the package. That’s the most important thing for me,” Maria said.

According to authorities, package thefts become more common in the holidays. “Especially as we head towards the holiday season, people are buying more items, make arrangements to have these packages delivered to a location that is going to be safe and secure preferably with a family member if you’re not going to be home,” Brawley Police Commander Brett Houser said.

More caution is recommended when it comes to receiving packages through mail. “As internet commerce continues to grow and items are being delivered all the time, it’s not just a holiday issue any longer, but throughout the year, these things can happen,” Houser said.

Maria relies on delivered packages to make a living, so now she’ll have to be extra watchful every time she expects a delivery. “I’m just gonna keep checking the tracking dates, so I can be watching through the window when the packages coming in,” Maria said.

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