Still No Results on Yglesias Case

Still No Results on Yglesias Case

Frustration setting for the family and sheriff’s department regarding the David Iglesias that happened over a year ago.

David Iglesias Jr was only 14 and his body was found a mile from his home.

The woman found his unrecognizable body on her property.

A rifle was found near his body and the FBI is investigating the prints on the firearm.

“They’re back logged because the FBI is the only one conducting firearms inspections for the state of California. So they’re back logged and we have to work with that,” Deputy Steve Green said.

Green says he spoke to Iglesias’ father a few months ago asking if they received any results.

“Probably a little depressed but that’s understandable with it taking so long. Him wanting answers,” Green said.

The process takes a few steps and it cannot be accelerated in any way.

“They’ve done fingerprints on the firearm but that’s all they’ve done and then it goes to ballistics testing and then function testing,” Green said.

Iglesias’ father was the last to see him and he says he talked about being apprehensive about high school.

The Coroner’s office is eager to get the results for once and for all.

“Just wanna get it closed and get the family some answers,” Green said.

Iglesias was supposed to start high school when he disappeared.

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