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Glen Jackman said, “I was impressed with her the first time I saw her,  she really caught my eye”.” For Glen and Arlene Jackman, it was love at first sight. Arlene Jackman said, ” He looked so handsome in his uniform, I just fell in love with him.”
After 61 years together, marriage is a blessing, when you’re married to your best friend. Glen Jackman said, “The older we get the closer we get.” Jackman says they’ve built their marriage on the foundation of Christ. Glen Jackman said, “Being married is a full time job.”
With their long lasting love, they are an example for the whole family.
Arlene Jackman said, “We’ve really tried to set a good example for them but we make mistakes too.” To them, family is everything. They have three beautiful daughters; Glenda, Cindy and Tracy
Arlene Jackman said, “We have awesome son-in-laws, I mean we are so blessed”
Glen Jackman said, “A couple of the girls when they were first were married and their husbands wouldn’t want to do something they’d say ‘but dad said’ and I told them ‘don’t do that’.”
The Jackmans continue to fall in love with each other more and more every day. Glen Jackman said, “She means everything, she’s my partner, she’s my helpmate, she’s everything that you could ask for in a wife. You have to think when I’m 82, we have a lot more years behind us than we have in front of us and so we have to think about what it would be like and I cant imagine what it would be like to be alone.” Arlene Jackman, “He’s my soulmate, I dont know what I’d do without him.”
Everyday they get to spend together is a gift, but what’s their secret to a long lasting love?
Glen Jackman said, “It’s a lifetime project.” “You quickly learn which button not to push, divorce was just not in our vocabulary,” Arlene Jackman said. “Like him i’d not like to do without him. There’s no problem too big that can’t be resolved if you both try.”

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