Still in love part 2

The Martinez are going on 51 years, but to them it seems like only yesterday that they met.
Cici Martinez said, “There happened to be a dance and him and his buddies happened to walk in.”
Cici was crowned Fiesta Queen and Simon had just come from the Marine Corps ball.
“We were drunk so, I happened to spot her, and asked her to dance and that’s how we met.”
It was a whirlwind romance.
Simon Martinez said, “We dated for six months, then we ran off and we had the cops all over us.”
Cici Martinez said, “My mom didn’t realize I was 18, it was funny.”
When they got married they were rich in love.
Simon Martinez said, “When we ran off, we didn’t have any money. I had to borrow a pair of dress pants to get married. The landlord’s daughter was about her size, she had to borrow a dress, I had to borrow $30 to pay for the lights.”
There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage.
When they said “I do”, their vows were more than just words.
The Martinez’s have weathered the storm together.
Simon Martinez said, “When she met me I was a drunk, I used to pass out in bars, she took me out of that environment.”
Cici Martinez said,”We’ve had our bad times and our good times, but it was worth it. A lot of people didn’t think we were gonna make it”
They have a bond that can’t be broken.
“She’s means the world. shes my partner, wife mother of my kids, everything,” Simon Martinez said, “We didn’t always have it good, we’ve been through it.”
They’ve been through it all together.
Simon Martinez said, “Life teaches you a lot, people always say the grass is always greener on the other side, but you cant replace what you’ve got.”
Cici Martinez said, “You find a way to survive.”

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