Some winter visitors leaving early

YUMA, Ariz. – With more than 1,600 winter visitors living at Country Roads RV Park, it’s made quite the busy winter. As winter comes to an end and spring looms around the corner, are the RV’s ready to go back home?

“We can only suspect with the increase of the temperatures particularly in the end of February. That some folks may have left as a result, seeing that the summer has seemingly come early in Yuma,” Yuma Visitors Bureau Dustin Mylius said.

Mylius says that although they don’t have any data to support the decrease in visitors, he’s noticed a decrease in attendance for events such as the Yuma Lettuce Days.

Meredith Roach Director of Activities at Country Roads RV Park says she hasn’t noticed a lot of her residents getting ready to pack up yet.

“Residents are still here and probably continue to be here ’till around some will leave here in the end of March ’till the beginning of May,” said Roach.

Since the Yuma Visitors Bureau says they have seen more winter visitors leaving, are those departures hurting our local economy?

“The businesses that depend on the winter visitors, they prepare for it. These are smart people,” Yuma County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director John Courtis said.

Courtis says he believes more winter visitors would be leaving sooner do to the Easter holiday being around the corner.

“We used to think that winter residents used to go home to get their taxes done. The reality is they want to go home and have Easter services in their home church,” Courtis said.

“So March, April is usually the time we’ll anticipate a lot of the winter visitors to leave. Undoubtedly some will stick around until that point,” Mylius said.

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