School’s new location offers potential for expansion

CALEXICO, Calif. – Aurora Continuation High School moved to a new location. The old Aurora Continuation High School has served Calexico since 1979 and is now on Kloke Road. Director of Alternative Education John Moreno said it’s bigger and better. “This is a good thing!,” Moreno said.

Some students are also excited about the new location. “We can probably hold more activities because it’s a bigger campus. Hold more students,” Allan Flores said.

But others need time to get used to the change. “It’s decent. It’s a nice view. The school looks nice but it’s not the same as the old school,” Ricardo Zuniga said.

Moreno said the move was needed to serve more students in the community. “At the other site we were landlocked. We were landlocked so we couldn’t go anywhere,” Moreno said.

Services like adult basic education and community day school were housed at separate locations, making it harder on staff. “I have all the programs that I oversee at one site,” Moreno said.

Now there’s more parking, and a bigger multipurpose room. “That can house all our students. And the students that are in adult basic education can also use that facility as well,” Moreno said.

There’s Wi-Fi throughout the campus. “We do have the technology that we had at the old site and it’s been upgraded,” Moreno said.

Moreno talked about upcoming plans. “We want to revive our community day school which is a restrictive environment for students who have attendance problems or discipline problems. We want to expand our night school for adults,” Moreno said.

Moreno said all those plans are possible because now there’s room to make them happen. “Absolutely!,” Moreno concluded.

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