SB1102: No texting and driving bill

We have always known the dangers of texting and driving..and if this bill passes it could cost you as much as a DUI.
Not only can texting and driving cost you your bank account, it can also risk a human life.
This Arizona senate bill SB1102 will fine drivers $100  on their first offense, $300 on second offense and $500 if they make a violation, which leads to an accident and $10,000 if it leads to death.
A bill like this would hit close to home since Yuma lost local DPS officer Tim Huffman when someone was allegedly distracted with a mobile device behind the wheel.

The family of a DPS officer who was killed by a truck driver investigators say was distracted by pictures of provocatively dressed women on Facebook will speak out Wednesday in support of a state ban on texting while driving.


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