San Luis man charged for alleged attack on next-door-neighbors

YUMA, Ariz. – Forty-two-year-old Juan Salcido was taken in by San Luis Police Monday after they say he slashed the right hand of his neighbor Heleardo Diarte. Today, Salcido was charged in court with three counts of aggravated assault.

The elderly couple say he approached them in their front yard and threatened to kill them both. “Luckily my wife distracted him and he backed off a little,” said Mr. Diarte.

They say Salcido then pushed Mr. Diarte to the ground. Mrs. Diarte worries what might happen if their neighbor returns to their block. “What I want is for him to not live here anymore. I’m afraid to be alone. Afraid of what could happen to a child or another neighbor,” said Josefina Miramontes-Diarte.

As a result Salcido’s bond was raised to $150,000 cash only. He will be back in court next Friday.

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