Russ Clark seeking re-election for Yuma County Board of Supervisors

YUMA, Ariz- Russ Clark has announced on Wednesday that he’ll be seeking a second term for the District 3 Yuma County Board of Supervisors.

Yuma County Supervisor Russ Clark said, “I think I’m effective. I got into this to do certain things. I’ve accomplished the things I wanted to do or got them started. There’s a lot more left and I think now with the connections I have in Phoenix, a lot more is going to happen this second term.”

Darren Simmons whose a recently retired Lieutenant with the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office plans on running against Clark for the seat.

Clarks adds, “He told me personally, he had no intention of ever being a supervisor. But someone called him and told him that he should be and I think that’s people for whatever reason politically would like to not deal with me. I have been effective, they understand that. But for some reason, I’m not very well controlled – not that I need to be. But they want someone else.”

Clark says this position is more than just being able to perform at a local level but a large part of having control on a state level.

Clark said, “We need to have a connection, we have to have connectability. We need to have influence in that area. The more we have, the more effective we can be here in making sure that we get the messages to the guys who are putting it on paper.”

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