Rural Metro offers Thanksgiving safety tips

When cooking your turkey this year, here are some safety tips to keep in mind. Since there are many house fires around the holidays, Rural Metro wanted to remind the community of the potential safety hazards that can occur. Rural Metro Public Information Officer Charly McMurdie said, “A lot of people use deep fryers this time of year especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas to cook their turkeys instead of the traditional way of using an oven.”
McMurdie says to always use your deep fryer outside and never place your deep fryer underneath an overhang. “People put too much oil in there, then put their bird in the cooker and the oil spills over, which creates a flash which expands and catches the house on fire.”
There is specific oil designed for deep fryers, a certain temperature the bird needs to be cooked at and instructions on how to measure out the proper amount of oil.
McMurdie said, “Put your bird in there and the water should measure an inch over the top of the bird and that’s how much oil you’re going to need.”
Another tip, when cooking your bird you need to remember that the cooker is about 350 degrees, so it’s important to lower it into the oil slowly as it is very hot.
McMurdie said, “It’s probably our number one cause of deep fryer fires is having too much grease inside the fryer. It gets really hot, they drop their wet slimy bird in there and it flashes and pops.”
And don’t forget to keep a fire extinguisher on hand.

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