Residents fearing traveling salesman

YUMA, Ariz. – Several residents have posted on social media that a group of salesman is traveling around Yuma and offering residents to buy fragrance products, these residents have expressed concern over the situation, some say they are worried it is an abduction or robbery attempt. The Yuma Police Department says they have gotten several calls about it on Thursday night after a post was made on Facebook.

YPD says they did investigate the residents concerns and says there is no evidence of an abduction, attack or robbery ever happening due to these traveling salesman. YPD says that residents should still be cautious if anyone ever does approach you to sell products outside a traditional business atmosphere. YPD says someone does need a business license to sell products in this way. They do not recommend ever following a stranger to their vehicle even if they are offering to sell you a product.

We spoke to one resident that does not want to be identified, she says she recently bought a bottle of perfume from a group of salesman in the parking lot of Fry’s grocery store. She says they were nice and she did not fear for her safety and was not harmed in any way. She even goes on to say she is friends with the salesman on Facebook now. She also says she loves the product and paid $15 for it. She showed us the bottle of perfume she bought, which traces back to a company called Allstar Motivation. Visiting that companies website [ ]  it says they are based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We tried to contact a phone number on the site but got no response.

YPD says they do encourage residents to report these sale attempts when they happen.



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