Republican candidates vying for Arizona House of Representatives District 13

YUMA, Ariz. – There are four candidates vying for Arizona House of Representatives District 13, and three of the candidates identify with the Republican party.

Don Shooter, Darin Mitchel, and Ray Kouns all identify with the Republican party. Darin Mitchel is the District 13 Representative incumbent and during his experience, he’s pushed for state funding that directly impacts us here in Yuma County.

“We were able to get JTED funding passed, which is really impactful here in Yuma,”shares Mitchell. “We also funded the U of A Veterinary Hospital, which was a big deal for the agriculture industry. We’ve defended and fought for Yuma’s water rights, which is a huge deal.”

Don Shooter also stresses the importance of JTED and how it directly contributes to Yuma’s job creation and resources for youth. “That’s an important thing,” expresses Shooter. “It gives our kids a chance to have a decent career and make a living. That’s one of the things we need the most in Yuma is jobs, and it’s an integral part of that.”

Ray Kouns expresses how it is not only necessary to build up students in Yuma, but retain them as well. “We need to bring in jobs so that when we graduate these students they remain here in Arizona,” stresses Kouns. “We don’t want them to leave. We want to keep our good students here.”

Job creation and Yuma’s youth are hot topics among the Republican candidates, but they also focus on protecting people from government and defending Yuma’s water rights.

“Continue the same thing I’ve been doing,” shares Shooter. “Which is try to defend you from politicians even though I am one.”

“They’re pumping water like there’s no tomorrow,” stresses Kouns. “We’ve got to look at that as a resource for today and the future.”

The Democratic candidate is Iisha Graves. Graves runs unopposed and she stresses education and healthcare reform to help families thrive.

The Yuma County primary election is on August 30.

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