Pratt & Whitney counducting flight testing in Yuma

YUMA, Ariz. – The Yuma International Airport said Pratt & Whitney will be conducting flight testing in Yuma, using two modified Boeing 747SP’s. The aircraft will be operating from the airport’s Defense Contractor Complex.

Pratt & Whitney released the following statement Friday, “Pratt & Whitney conducts flight testing of its engines using two modified Boeing 747SP. Pratt & Whitney conducts flight testing of all its full range of engines from those powering business jets, turboprop and regional aircraft as well as large commercial aircraft. The flight tests are conducted according to rigorous industry standards. Flight tests like the ones currently taking place in Yuma, Arizona, are a crucial step in the engine testing process. Enhanced dependability and safety of our engines are a direct result.”

Ron Rice, Airport Authority Board President, said, “We are extremely pleased to have the Pratt & Whitney team select Yuma as a testing location for this important mission.” Rice said, “Yuma’s weather and flying conditions make us a great choice for this type of work. Yuma International Airport’s Defense Contractor Complex was created to provide first class infrastructure, facilities, and customer service to the aviation industry and defense contractors.”

“The airport is here to assist companies like Pratt & Whitney, and one message we make sure to send is what else can we do to help you with while you are testing in Yuma.” said Gladys Wiggins, Airport Director. Wiggins said, “An added benefit to Pratt & Whitney is having a professional and experienced fixed base operator such as Million Air ready to assist during their testing.”

The Yuma International Airport said Million Air provides a variety of fueling and ground support services for all types of aircraft, large and small. The airport also said the icing on the cake to great facilities and customer service is the support and appreciation of our community.

“The Yuma Visitors Bureau provided welcome bags for our guests and inside the bags were coupons to a variety of local shops, attractions, and restaurants as well as information about our community,” said Wiggins.  “We want our guests to experience our special community so when they think of Yuma, they will say ‘that’s a great place’.”

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