Pokemon craze takes local gamers to new levels

YUMA, Ariz. – Pokemon is a new game that has everyone talking, but what some gamers don’t realize is the dangers it can lead to.

One Yuma gamer said he’s willing to take the dangerous risks that come with the game.

Noel Brenes said, “I’m one of the rebels because one time it or two there was a Charstar and all the houses were occupied and where there and I had to jump some houses.”

Brenes said nobody saw him jump the fences.

He adds, “Mostly everybody was asleep but there were some lights on but nobody caught me.”

One parent said they would hate to have to use their weapons on someone because of a trespassing situation.

Larry Mallory, a concerned parent who doesn’t like the new game, said, “I would really be upset if I had to shoot someone but if I felt threatened, or that my wife was threatened then I probably would.”

The Yuma Police Department advises to call 911 if you think you may have an intruder.

Police Assistant Edith Ruiz said, “Homeowners just be aware and call in your suspicious activity and try not to take action on your own.”

Another parent who says his daughter doesn’t play Pokemon said he would still allow a couple gamers to come through his doors if they asked for permission.

Art Morales said, “If someone wanted to look for a Pokemon I guess they can knock on my door and ask.”

YPD says it has received numerous calls in regards to the Pokemon game.

Ruiz adds, “People who are playing the Pokemon game just be aware of your surroundings and to understand and respect businesses and private property.”

All in all, Brenes says he is a bit concerned that he could get in trouble with law enforcement but would do anything for the game.

“Yeah it worries me that I could get in trouble with YPD. But if that’s what it’s going to take to be the very best and to catch them all,” said Brenes.

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