POE Expansion Update

CALEXICO, Calif. – After a number of speed bumbs, federal and local officials are now one step closer to making the Calexico downtown port of entry expansion project a reality.
Community leaders met last Friday with General Services Agency (GSA) officials to discuss the future of the project.

“It was very positive, everybody was on the same page. We expressed our concern with what we experience here on the daily basis, with the wait time for those that are crossing through vehicles or pedestrian traffic.” said John Moreno, mayor of the city of Calexico.

$98 million in federal funding have been secured to kick-start Phase 1 of the project.
The first part of the project will focus on traffic flow.

About 11-thousand cars come through the Calexico downtown port every day according to GSA.

“There will be 16 lanes with the possibility of double stacking them to make 32. We are looking at the old commercial port of entry which is no longer utilized.” said Moreno.

According to GSA the current facility, between Mexicali, B.C. and downtown Calexico, was built in 1974 and locals say it shows its age and is due for an update.

“The technology has changed, the population of both cities has increased, and now we are ready to expand, now we are really to make the trip across the border a more pleasant one.” said Moreno.

The expansion building will eventually stand east of Cesar Chavez Blvd. and south of 2nd St. in Calexico.
According to GSA, Phase 1 is scheduled to start in August, 2015 and be completed by January, 2018.

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