New radio station coming to Fort Yuma Indian Reservation

FORT YUMA INDIAN RESERVATION, Calif. – Founders of Kwatsan Media Inc. and the Ah-Mut Pipa Foundation are partnering to bring the Quechan Tribal community a first ever low-frequency FM radio station. The Federal Communication Commission awarded the non-profit group with a construction permit for the future site. President

President of the AMPF Foundation, Preston J. Arrow-weed is lending a space on his 10 acres of his land.  The area has been kept in his family for more than one-hundred years. It will now play host to the future KUAV 105.1 FM.

“I think it was what I was meant to do…I  thought of helping people for the people and that’s what this land is for,” said Arrow-weed. KUAV will be a platform for tribal members to host shows and conversations related to topics important to the Quechan people within a six mile radius.

Vice President of Kwatsan Radio, Brian Golding Sr. said, “Focusing on history and culture in a way to try and inspire them to look deeper and commit to learning songs, language, culture history and finding ways to give back to the tribe as well.” The FM radio station is an independent initiative for the community, supported by the community. Arrow-weed says this is also a great opportunity for the youth to get involved with media arts and pursue their dream.
The group says they need to raise $80,000 for equipment and renovations to the space they are converting into a radio station. If you would like to donate log on to or send your contribution to P.O. Box 160 Bard, CA 92222.

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