Murder trial for fatal crash continues

Murder trial for fatal crash continues

YUMA, Ariz. – The trial continues for a local man who is accused of killing two San Luis residents in a fatal crash last year.

Markley Allen Foster has been charged with second degree murder for the deaths.

This morning in court, a DPS officer took the stand.

The defense’s questions were based on Foster being under the influence of pain medication given to him while in custody of a hospital after the accident, and that his answers in the police report and interview could have been affected by those drugs.

The state’s prosecution presented questions based on the fact that Foster had knowledge of the medication he was on for his PTSD condition, which would prove that he was coherent enough to answer the questions correctly.


A number of items were presented as evidence from a search warrant that was executed at Foster’s house.
DPS detective, Michael Ruiz,  took the stand as the state presented photos taken during the search warrant, those photos showing multiple pipes and a small bag of marijuana.
In a previous testimony by a crime lab technician, traces of THC were identified in Foster’s blood.
The defense argued that in analyzing the order of pictures taken during the search, items were moved, which could have compromised the evidence at hand.
The trial will continue on Monday, November 16th.

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