More jobs coming to Yuma following a county strategy

Yuma County, Ariz. – Yuma County is collaborating with the Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation on a plan to bring in more manufacture companies. The strategy has three steps: the first to have investment zones in place to attract manufacturers, the second step is to work on specialized education to have a stronger workforce and the third is to limit regulations that cause obstacles for manufacturers. The county says they expect the plan to bring in several more jobs and say that by bringing in manufacturing companies it will also cause other companies that support the manufacture companies to move to Yuma County also. The Yuma Private Industry Council says that SNA Industries, based in Ohio, is already expanding to Yuma County and that at a two day recruitment event in Yuma over 300 people filled out job applications. The plan is expected to be finalized and in effect by the end of March.

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