Mexico, U.S. health leaders discuss issues on both sides

SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO, Mex. – The Bi-national Health Committee met Wednesday morning to discuss key issues that plague both sides of the border. They meet every three months interchanging between Somerton, Arizona and San Luis, Mexico to share resources and Manpower.


Co-President of the committee, Joel Arturo Lopez, said, “Both sides share many of the same health concerns and issues. The major points are brought to our council to see and choose a determined diagnosis for both nations. Those points are chosen by which have the highest percentage rate.”
In 2004 both groups attacked a tuberculosis outbreak and high rates of teen pregnancy. Health representatives from each region say brainstorming solutions together to make one treatment plan lessens the chance of disease spread by visitors.
We had a problem that they would start treatment on either side, and they would move and they would change the treatments.
“Now days with our council, they receive the treatment on one side, and they continue the same treatment on the other side so we don’t have any more resistance on medication that were being changed,” said Co-President of the committee, Dr. Jose Munoz.
Subcommittees then broke off to discuss updates on topics including child immunization campaigns, tuberculosis again, and promoting clean water in the Mexican Delta. “They try to contribute their findings or create activities that can diminish illness rates,” said Lopez.
They’re next meeting will be held in Somerton this Summer.


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