Mesa teacher agrees to legalizing recreational marijuana in Arizona

Mesa teacher agrees to legalizing recreational marijuana in Arizona

YUMA, Ariz- Smoke some marijuana and help Arizona’s kids…Seems to be the message.

After one Mesa teacher backed the measure on recreational marijuana and why she believes it’ll only help the educational school systems and should be legal.

A group called the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like alcohol says legalizing marijuana in the state would generate $40 million plus in tax revenue which would make that a 15 percent sales tax proposed in the ballot measure.

We were able to call the Director of the campaign who believes it wasn’t only one teacher who agrees with the legalization but several teachers have come out and agreed with the initiative.

Campaign Director, Carlos Alsaro said, “A lot of teachers. In fact, we’re not reaching them as much as they’re reaching us. We’re getting emails every single day from not only teachers but parents and school board members and people in the education school board system not only claiming that this initiative is going to produce money for education that’s only one of the reasons why this should be past.”

One Yuma resident says she’s completely against recreational marijuana and feels it’ll affect the student’s performances.
One local resident said,  “I think it’ll be a bad idea. Marijuana is a gateway drug I believe. A lot of kids that think it’s legal will go ahead and try it and some might have addictive personalities and tendencies. You never know which one of those children are going to have that type of behavior.”

Colorado, Washington, Oregon, the District of Columbia and Alaska have already legalized marijuana for recreational use and Alsaro goal is to help Arizona get there in 2016.

Alsaro said, “Anybody can get it in any high school in Arizona anybody can get it in any streets. The programs in place are not suitable for modern time we have to come up with better systems and taxing and regulating it has worked for other states so we want Arizona to go that way as well.”

Arizona, California and Nevada are among the states that could join that group in 2016. There are two proposals looking to legalize pot in Arizona right now but only one is expected to make the ballot.


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