MCAS Yuma Officer Spouse Club gives back

YUMA, Ariz. – The Officer Spouse Club at Marine Corp Air Station Yuma raised money to give back to the community.

The event was held at Millionair and was packed with community leaders and military officials. The group of wives say they hope to raise more money this year than last year which brought in more than $14,000. The wives say that it’s important for them to give back to Yuma who gives the military base so much support.

Samantha Smith, a leader in the club says even more people came this year, “We are expecting 130 people which is about 50 more people than we had last year.”

Christine Davis says it is all about giving back, “The proceeds that are raised are going to go directly back to military dependents, as well as philanthropic, for local organizations in the past we have donated to places like Amberly’s Place and the Yuma Community Food bank.”

The Officer Spouse Club says with more than four major sponsors this year the group plans to double their numbers.

“The event is made possible by local businesses, we have had over 150 items donated tonight, and most of those come from our local community because the local community does such a great job of supporting us. We feel very strongly to give back to the community” Davis said.

Smith also says the big reason for making the event happen, “We just see it as a way to foster good relationships between the base and the local community.”

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