Marijuana campaign is 50,000 signatures closer to being put on Arizona ballot

An Arizona marijuana legalization drive reached a major milestone in their signature gathering campaign this week. Arizona’s Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project has collected 50,000 signatures in just 10 weeks.

Arizona Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Political Director Carlos Alfaro said, “A meeting of the activists, communities, dispensaries and industry community, and Marijuana Policy Project coming together talking about alternatives.”

They are backed by the Marijuana Policy Project, which has passed legislation across the country for 20 years.
Alfaro said, “They have been changing laws regarding marijuana all across the country.”

To be able to qualify for the ballot they need 100 thousand more signatures by July 2016. Their goal is 230,000.

Alfaro believes it will make our communities safer and boost our economy. Organizers say the quick start to the signature campaign demonstrates that time has come to change Arizona’s marijuana laws.

If the measure is on the November 2016 ballot and is approved by voters, the proposal would end marijuana prohibition in Arizona. It would be replaced by a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similar to alcohol.

If you would like to sign the petition, all locations are listed on their website:

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