Man dies during yardwork accident

YUMA, Ariz. – A man died while doing yard work in a palm tree.

Yuma Fire Department officials say they were called out to the area of Paris Court and Lisbon Street Tuesday night to check on a man who was stuck in a tree. They received numerous calls from neighbors saying someone was yelling for help.

Tiffany Smith, one of the witnesses at the scene says, “We heard screams but we don’t know who was screaming.”

Firefighters say they climbed the tree and found the man unconscious with a lot of debris on top of him. Smith says she and other witnesses outside could see everything from the street.

“We were just wondering who was screaming and then all of sudden we see someone lighting up a palm tree in the backyard. We saw something hanging from the tree but it was covered up from the palm tree,” Smith says.

She adds, that after some of the debris was moved you could see the man attached to the tree. 

“When they cut the palm tree away just a pretty much a lifeless body just hanging from the tree,” says Smith.

The man was working in the tree and was not properly harnessed according to officials.

Fire crews declared the man dead after bringing him down from the tree with a ladder truck.

Fire officials say the death appears to be accidental, and no foul play is suspected.


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