Man allegedly tries killing girlfriend on the road, free of charges

YUMA, Ariz. – A man who allegedly tried killing his girlfriend but driving her off the road in  Somerton instead took out another driver sending them to the hospital.

Saul Moreno stood before a judge Tuesday afternoon where he’s surprisingly not facing any charges. Even though law enforcement claims they filed them.

Benjamin B. Cotman, Chief of Somerton Police said, “I’m going to call the county attorney’s office. Because we walked over there and gave them that report on purpose.”

Authorities say there was a child in the vehicle his girlfriend was driving during the time of the incident. This all took place last Thursday in Somerton where witnesses say Moreno was following his girlfriend who was driving in front of him and tried hitting her with his car.

“We had a lot of witnesses actually who saw the whole thing. I think what we really need is the county attorney’s office to really file some felony charges. It’s a class 2 felony to leave the scene of an accident with someone who has a serious injury. So they’re looking at some pretty serious injuries if they file,” said Cotman.

The victim claims he hit her several times from behind but missed her when he tried to swerve her off the road. Officers say she moved out of the way and that’s when Moreno instead hit another motorist sending them to a Phoenix hospital.

Cotman adds, “When he almost got into Somerton he tried one last attempt to hit the car and the car sped up and the car was in the inbound lane traveling the same direction as him causing him to veer off the road and cause an accident.”

Police say Moreno fled the scene of the accident. In court there were no complaints filed against him, Moreno is being release.

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