Making a Difference: The Murray Family

YUMA, Ariz.-

“A lot of people don’t know about YPG, or actually know where it’s located, but that we’re here, and we are here to help and support the community” says Deborah Murray Yuma High School Nurse, and community volunteer.

And if you’re wondering where Yuma Proving Grounds are, its right here…about 40 minutes North-East of the City of Yuma, but not far enough to keep this family from being involved in the community.

“Well I’m the Commander for Yuma Proving Grounds, my day changes, every day is different. From testing army equipment, also dealing with well over two thousand personal from the department, civilian contractors and soldiers” explained Col. Randy Murray of YPG.

Mrs. Murray says,” I’m a school nurse at Yuma High School; I actually started there after thanksgiving.

I’ve done some volunteering at the Yuma Community Food bank, but one of the other areas I volunteer at a lot is actually on base at Price Elementary, where we service the military kids.”

The Murrays tell me they met back in High school in Chemistry class, and since 1988 remained in each other lives, raising two boys and establishing a life here in Yuma county in 2014. The Murrays explain what goals they would like to achieve while they’re here.

“I would like for a lot of the kids in the community, to understand what YPG offers even after they go to college and everything, they still have an opportunity to come out there and work. They’re from the community and literally have a future in being department army civilians and contractors out there and even a soldier” explains Col. Murray.

Although their time here is short, they feel by being involved, especially in education, they can leave a mark here in Yuma that they can both be proud of.

Col. Murray concludes, “Education is important, it’s the catalyst that can push your future, your whole life. It’s not something you shouldn’t wait till you’re a junior or senior in high school, you need to start right now. Third, Fourth, Fifth grade and on up and start focusing on where you want to go in the future.

That’s the kind of legacy for our organization; making sure that we are servicing the community in that capacity.”

“We want to get out there and help support the city and the county of Yuma and their needs” concludes Mrs. Murray.

One who protects and serves, while the other volunteers in the community; is no better team to make a difference.

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