Making A Difference: The Auza Family

YUMA., Ariz.- The Auza family, both humble and giving, are doing amazing things for the Somerton and Yuma County, by organizing well known community events that benefit multiple organizations.

During his time in a leadership program, Hank Auza, came up with an annual golf tournament to benefit the Somerton Youth Center…a place that strives to be the best youth development organization in Yuma County.

He tells us how it got started,“And so we started doing this golf tournament for the Somerton Youth Center, most of my employees live in that community and it’s a good program and helps kids after school” he said.

But that not all they’re involved in, Cori Auza also works with Kids Cuddle Kit Closet, an organization aimed at promoting ways in which children receive an act of kindness and then pay the kindness forward to someone else.

She says,“It’s a local nonprofit, kid is an acronym for ‘Kindness Is Doing Something’ and that my passion is paying it forward in our Yuma community”

Even their three kids do their part to help their community…

“We always help and Bridget’s Gift, and ‘Harvest Dinner’ we serve” said one of their daughters. Their youngest daughter also says,

“We perform every year at the tower lighting… we perform at ‘Lettuce Days’.”

And Yuma County is thankful as well, just recently honoring them with the heart of Yuma’s 2015 Philanthropist of The Year Award.

All of which these Yuma natives says, is just something they do because they love their home town and want their children to pay it forwards.

Cori says, “We both grew up very involved in the community because our families were, so it just became natural to us, you just give back, and we want them to be proud of that, and um…there’s…”

and Hank putting in his comedic comments said,

“Yeah sounds good to me…”

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