Making a Difference: Amanda Aguirre with The Regional Center of Border Health

YUMA, Ariz. – “That example of giving to others and going beyond our means to be able to help, that stayed through my mind all the time,” says Amanda Aguirre President and CEO of Regional Center for Border Health INC. and College of Health Careers.

With a rich family history of community service and education, Amanda Aguirre began her life’s mission to help those in under-served communities in rural areas.

Aguirre explains, “Through my career I got involved with public health, and the dietetic field, and working with children with special needs and feeding problems. So that got me more involved in preventive medicine and more concerned about working with populations that are under served.”

The Hispanic population along the U.S. – Mexico border is impacted the most, where there are gaps to accessing healthcare and education. Because of this, Aguirre became an advocate voice for these residents, helping to establish the Regional Center for Border Health INC. and College of Health Careers.

“This is an incredible non-profit organization that was established in 1997, in collaboration with The University of Arizona back then the medical school to address rural health,” Aguirre adds.

The center provides quality health care in Yuma County but it also has a health care professional training college, helping create career opportunities in the medical field.

Aguirre says, “The vocational training that has graduated hundreds of students, gives them the ability to choose a health care field, a career that takes them into the job.”

But that’s just the beginning.

“The food service management like at our ‘Main Street Cafe’ which is a very unique training site, dedication to women only, where the whole objective is to help get women out of welfare and domestic violence, and give them the skills to start their own business in the food industry,” says Aguirre.

All in all, Aguirre says she’s grateful for the opportunity to help her community and will continue to help improve the quality of life for border communities in the Desert Southwest.

Aguirre concludes saying, “I just thank God for all the blessings that I receive and put me in a path where I can do my best every day. Every day there’s a new story, there a new family that needs some help and my staff and myself get involved in helping. Whether it’s a woman with breast cancer or if a family has been displaced, the challenge is still there so, my work is not done.”

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