Local political figures and voters weigh in on presidential debate

YUMA, Ariz. – “I don’t think that was one of his best if I were Donald Trump I would want a redo on this one”, a strong admission from Yuma County Supervisor Russ Clark who has openly been supporting Donald Trump. This comes right after watching Hillary Clinton and Trump going head to head in the first 2016 presidential debate Monday night.

“I was disappointed, I think he got off message he took some of Hillary’s bait I thought he would be a little better prepared”, said Clark.

On the other side of the aisle, we spoke with Democratic Arizona State Representative Charlene Fernandez , right after the debate,  and she says she was proud of her candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I think she came across very presidential. She prepared for it, she preparing to be president I mean she is someone that prepares and she showed it”, said Fernandez.

This election has sparked a debate beyond the candidates, the voters are having their voices heard. We spoke with several Yuma residents to hear their thoughts on the candidates and as you may expect we got very diverse responses.

“Donald Trump I don’t understand people he’s a con-man”, said Yuma resident Tyrone Powell.

“I think she’s going to do alot for us Mexicans who  want to come and work, Donald Trump is a racist”, said Yuma resident Esperanza Coronado

“Trump…I think she [Hillary Clinton]  has been in office for 25 years what does she show for it? I really don’t see a whole lot”, said Yuma resident and veteran Eliseo Rivera. Rivera says he’s a 22 year veteran with the air force. He says his issues with Clinton are her honesty and that Trump he thinks will be better for veterans.

“Well she’ll [Clinton] probably support us but not as well as Trump”, said Rivera.

For Representative Fernandez, she says she hopes Monday’s debate will get Clinton more support.

“If they are on the fence I hope they will see the clear choice is Hillary Clinton”, said Fernandez.

But for Clark he is still left with concerns about the debate and the way it was carried out, referencing some concerns with the performance of NBC’s Lester Holt who moderated the debate.

“I think Hillary did a wonderful job of not talking about the issues and I think the issues would help Donald Trump and that’s not what we did tonight”, said Clark.

The first Vice Presidential Debate will be held on Tuesday October 4th. Clinton and Trump will go head to head once again on Sunday October 9th.

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