Local leaders react to the GOP debate

At the much anticipated Republican debate, Thursday, in Cleveland, Donald Trump dominated the crowd
Arizona State Representative Charlene Fernandez said “It was interesting to see the dynamic between all the candidates with Donald Trump the other ones are more experienced with the political debates. I do think he held his own.”
So, what are the American people looking for in their next President?
Yuma County Republican Party County Supervisor said, “As far as what I’m looking for or what everyone is looking for is leadership and that’s according to a lot of polls. That’s why Trump is resonating, he’s leading and not following. the press said his demise is eminent and it didn’t happen in fact he grew in polls. He’s not apologizing, he’s showing leadership, he’s standing by what he says.”
Trump made an interesting comment tonight that he’ll keeping running even if he loses the GOP nomination.
2016 Republican  Presidential Candidate Donald Trump said, “I want to win as the Republican, I want to run as the Republican nominee.”
Clark said, “He’s interesting because hes hitting on all the aspects that people want to hear about.”
Chairman of the Yuma County Republican Party Jonathan Lines is looking for a definite leader to emerge tonight.
Lines said, “I would like to see each of those individuals present their plan and not look for the fault in others. Tell me what you stand for, tell me how you will put people back to work.”Fernandez who wants to hear education issues addressed. Fernandez said, “I was pretty impressed with Jeb Bush. I really listened when he talked about education.”
Fernandez says she doesn’t want to see anyone used as a scapegoat, “I thought it would be Barack Obama, but apparently they’re leaving our President alone and targeting Hillary.” Fernandez believes it was presumptuous for them to think Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.

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